• Support Hutan Rangers in Kinabatangan

    Championed by: The Orangutan Project

    Support Hutan Rangers in Kinabatangan

    Championed by : The Orangutan Project

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    Not all heroes wear capes! They wear Ranger uniforms!

    Support five field expeditions for our rangers in Kinabatangan, Hutan!


    Habitat loss, fragmentation and degradation are the 3 major threats to orangutan survival.

    In Sabah, 35% of orangutan habitat has been lost since the early 1980’s.

    In 2005, a stretch of forest covering about 26,000 ha and lying along the Kinabatangan River was officially gazetted as the Lower Kinabatangan Wildlife Sanctuary. But this forested corridor is bordered by growing human activities, both by local communities and extensive palm oil plantations. This puts orangutans and their homes under serious threat!

    Former habitat reduction and fragmentation have resulted in many environmental issues, such as an increased rate of wildlife conflicts and deaths, pollution, depletion of timber and wildlife resources and lack of space to develop new economical activities.

    It is feared that the always-increasing human pressure on the last remaining natural resources of this floodplain might jeopardize the viability of these habitats.

    Vigilance is critical to ensuring the maintenance of the Lower Kinabatangan Wildlife Sanctuary and its orangutan population, so that's why we have our Hutan Rangers on patrol!

    Hutan Rangers play a critical on the ground role in ensuring encroachment, illegal logging and other human activities are identified swiftly and responded to with appropriate law enforcement. They also undertake research and surveys.

    In order for the rangers to continue their work, they need our help to get equipment like head lamps for use at night, cameras and cook sets!


    Please help us raise $5,000 to support the Hutan Rangers!

    You can:

    1. Start an online Individual Fundraising Page or create a Team Fundraising Page and share with your friends, family and colleagues on social media!

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    2. Donate NOW and make a straight tax-deductible donation to the Support Hutan Rangers in Kinabatangan campaign!


    Your help is invaluable to the orangutans!

    Thank you!

    The Orangutan Project Team

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    $10.00 AUD
    Donate $10 and provide a head lamp for a WPU Member to use in the forest on night trips!

    $30.00 AUD
    Donate $30 and provide a machete to clear low vegetation when on patrol!

    $75.00 AUD
    Donate $75 and provide one uniform for ranger on patrol!

    $100.00 AUD
    Donate $100 and provide a cooking set for team when on patrol!

    $500.00 AUD
    Donate $500 and provide a digital camera for photographing wildlife on patrol!