• Rescue and Release Nigel and Oki!

    Championed by: The Orangutan Project

    Rescue and Release Nigel and Oki!

    Championed by : The Orangutan Project

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    Rescue and Release Nigel and Oki!

    The Centre for Orangutan Protection Rescue and Release Project:

    The Centre for Orangutan Protection [COP], founded in 2007, works to counter crimes that threaten orangutans and their natural habitats. As part of this mandate, we investigate, document, expose, and if necessary, readily confront any persons or groups who threaten to disrupt the lives of orangutans or local communities living nearby.

    COP are at the forefront of saving critically endangered wild animals, and strive to create a second chance for orangutans to thrive, whether this be in their natural environments or in captivity. COP operates several rapid-response teams that work to rehabilitate orangutans into Labanan, East Kalimantan. We work wherever orangutan are in need of assistance, whether this be from the cruelties of the illegal animal trade, circus performances, or low-standard zoos.

    There is still hope for individual orangutans in captivities. We assist zoos to improve the welfare of their orangutans, including Bali Zoo, Ragunan Zoo in Jakarta, Seruling Mas Zoo and Taru Jurug Zoo in Central Java, Bukit Tinggi and Sawah Lunto Zoo in West Sumatra. We also campaign to close down bad zoos that technically impossible to be improved.

    COP rescue orangutans that have been held as pets, or in other captive environments, as well as evacuating orangutans from oil palm plantations or fragmented forest that they cannot survive in long-term. If the orangutans are healthy and well-fed, they will be released in another forested area straight away! However, some require much more support and care.

    The high care orangutans are nursed back to good health in order to give them the best possible chance to return to the wild. This care is critical as most of them have endured physical and emotional hardship. The dedicated team at COP work tirelessly to give each orangutan the best possible chance of living a free and natural life in the forest. Each orangutan needs ongoing medical care and a carefully managed diet.

    When the orangutans are healthy enough to be released they are transported to a secure release site. Once released they are monitored to ensure that they can survive in their new forest homes!

    Meet Nigel!

    Nigel is the dominant male orangutan at the University Island COP Borneo. He is 11 years old. The University Island COP Borneo is an island for orangutans, but especially males. There, they learn their forest skills and improve their ability to survive in the wild. Until then the animal keepers provide the food they need.

    Nigel at the University Island COP Borneo.

    We found Nigel at the Mulawarman University Botanical Garden Samarinda (KRUS) in East Kalimantan on January 2010. These orangutans have been years in jail with a very minimal food. Four orangutans (Hercules, Antak, Oki and Nigel) were in one narrow cage. These orangutans were kept in poor conditions - their hair dull and falling-out and some almost hairless.

    Early July 2010, COP held a workshop for orangutan care. This workshop was participated by all animal keepers from KRUSS. After the workshop, they worked with COP’s staff in making behavioural enrichment by utilizing some dried ironwood trees around the Botanical Garden’s forest. Animal keepers who had some carpentry skills created the behavioural enrichment - making a swing from used tires, and shelters from old trees, etc.

    When Nigel was just 3 years old, he came to the KRUS (Botanical Gardens of Mulawarman University in Samarinda), East Kalimantan in January 16, 2010.

    Nigel at forest school on April 14, 2011.

    When in forest school, Nigel immediately climbs into the trees to play. He always tries to explore the forest over very long distances. When he leaves the location of forest school, one of the animal keepers follows to watch over him. After Nigel finishes playing in the forest for sometime, he goes back to the enclosure. Although he moves from one tree to another tree like an expert, he still needs to learn many other skills to survive in the forest.

    Meet Oki!

    Oki is a 13 year-old male orangutan.

    COP first met Oki when he was at Mulawarman University Botanical Garden (KRUS), Samarinda, East Kalimantan in January 2010.

    KRUS had a bad history of poor captive management. Many animals were dying due to mismanagement at KRUS. The animal keepers did not have any knowledge about the behaviour and needs of animals, including the maintenance of cages, behavioural enrichment and correct diet. When we found Oki at the zoo, he was tiny and had no hair! Oki was only 3 years old and was kept in one narrow cage.  

    Oki has been at KRUS since September 23, 2008. Since 2010, COP has assisted KRUS to improve their animal welfare. Oki has shown an extraordinary eagerness to learn in forest school. Oki is excellent at making nests, and recognizing predators, but these abilities can make him a handful, as Oki often gets out from his enclosure!

    After 7 years, Oki is now approaching the time when he can be self reliant in the rainforest!

    Nigel and Oki are so close to freedom!

    By supporting The Centre for Orangutan Protection, you can help them return to their homes in the jungle!


    Please help us raise $14,375 for the Freedom for Orangutans Appeal!


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    Your help is invaluable to the orangutans!

    Thank you!

    The Orangutan Project Team

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