• Personal And Survey Equipment for Wildlife Protection Unit

    Championed by: The Orangutan Project

    Personal And Survey Equipment for Wildlife Protection Unit

    Championed by : The Orangutan Project

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    The Sumatran Orangutans need your help!

    Protect your furry brothers and sisters by supporting the Wildlife Protection Units!


    The 360,000ha Bukit Tigapuluh (BTP) ecosystem is located in Central Sumatra, Indonesia.

    This globally important ecosystem is home to many forest dwelling indigenous communities and thousands of species of unique plants and animals, many of which are threatened by extinction- including the Sumatran orangutan.

    Did you know that orangutans are 97% genetically identical to humans? These furry animals are our brothers and sisters!

    One of only two release sites in the world for the Sumatran orangutan is located in the BTP ecosystem.

    Wildlife Protection Units (WPU) have been established to support the Indonesian forestry department. Their duty is to protect the unique BTP ecosystem and all the beautiful animals within it that call BTP home.

    The WPUs aim is to secure the forest area whilst protecting the welfare of the animals as well as the livelihood of the local communities!

    WPUs are trained in first aid and self-defence, GPS navigation and orientation, evidence collection, flora/fauna data collection and human-elephant conflict mitigation. WPUs are involved in community education programs, including the promotion of sustainable living.

    Now, the key threats that the WPUs address are illegal logging, encroachment and poaching. These problems are threatening to our furry brothers and sisters!

    The WPU work in rugged terrain and need to be physically fit to work under challenging conditions so they can protect the orangutans from the above threats at all times!

    Specific field equipment is needed for the WPU to undertake the physical forest patrols. The WPU needs things like backpacks, GPS units, raincoats, sleeping bags, mattresses and head lamps.

    Please help us raise $1,000 for Wildlife Protection!

    You can:

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    2. Donate NOW and make a straight tax-deductible donation to the Personal And Survey Equipment for Wildlife Protection Unit campaign!


    Your help is invaluable to the orangutans!

    Thank you!

    The Orangutan Project Team


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    $10.00 AUD
    Donate $10 and provide a head lamp for a WPU Member to use in the forest on night trips!

    $30.00 AUD
    Donate $30 and provide a machete to clear low vegetation when on patrol!

    $75.00 AUD
    Donate $75 and provide a pair of sturdy boots for one WPU ranger on patrol!

    $100.00 AUD
    Donate $100 and provide a sleeping bag and tarpaulin for rain protection for one WPU ranger on patrol!

    $500.00 AUD
    Donate $500 and provide one camera trap unit for wildlife monitoring!