• Patrol Team In Sabangau Peat Swamp, Central Kalimantan

    Championed by: The Orangutan Project

    Patrol Team In Sabangau Peat Swamp, Central Kalimantan

    Championed by : The Orangutan Project

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    The Orangutan Project
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    What do we do to rainforests? WE PROTECT THEM!

    Help the Patrol Team of The Sabangau Forest protect their rainforest land!


    The Sabangau Forest is the largest non-fragmented area of lowland rainforest remaining in Borneo, it is also what many orangutans call home.

    The forest supports the largest extant population of the Bornean orangutan (Pongo Pygmaeus).

    Prior to formal protected-area status being granted, the area was logged extensively, firstly by legal controlled logging and then by intense illegal logging.

    This left the beautiful, rare Bornean Orangutan species helpless.
    Homes were burnt. Families were destroyed. Lives were lost.

    Illegal loggers used purpose-built canals to extract the timber, which has resulted in peatland drainage which puts the whole ecosystem at risk from peat degradation and, more immediately, from forest fires.

    Action is needed to prevent further illegal activities in the forest

    We need to raise local awareness about conservation of Sabangau!

    We need to dam the canals in order to restore natural hydrological conditions!

    We need to improve fire-fighting capacity to defend against the annual fires that occur in the region!

    We need to assist the regeneration of deforested and burnt areas!

    These activities will be undertaken by an existing and committed Community Patrol Unit in partnership with Borneo Nature Foundation.

    The outputs of this project will be:

    • 80,000 hectares of peat-swamp forest supporting an estimated 2,000 orangutans to be patrolled and protected against fire and illegal logging

    • Forest patrols carried out for a minimum 18 days to a month along access routes surrounding 80,000 hectares of peat-swamp forest

    • Rapid response to illegal activities and wildfires in Northern Sabangau catchment

    • Three fire-fighting teams supported through provision of training, equipment and emergency funding

    • 40 new double-walled dams built on 15 canals for canal -blocking, and dams monitored monthly

    • Nursery seedling and sapling stock expanded with continuous replant trials

    • Continued socialisation of project in surrounding communities.


    Please help us raise $25,000 for this project, so we can protect The Sabangau Forest and ensure the orangutans are safe!

    You can:

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    Your help is invaluable to the orangutans!

    Thank you!

    The Orangutan Project Team

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    $20.00 AUD
    Donate $20 and provide tarpaulin for shelter for the patrol team in the forest!

    $50.00 AUD
    Donate $50 and provide a backpack for ranger on patrol!

    $100.00 AUD
    Donate $100 and provide a dome tent for rangers on patrol in the forest!

    $500.00 AUD
    Donate $500 and provide one camera trap unit for wildlife monitoring!

    $1,000.00 AUD
    Donate $1,000 and provide a GPS unit and digital camera for a ranger team on patrol in the forest!


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