• Mobile Education and Conservation Unit Sumatra

    Championed by: The Orangutan Project

    Mobile Education and Conservation Unit Sumatra

    Championed by : The Orangutan Project

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    Where the drive for education and orangutan care come together!

    The Mobile Education & Conservation Unit (MECU) in North Sumatra, delivers targeted conservation education in remote areas around the Gunung Leuser ecosystem where human/ape conflict exists.

    Did you know that every minute, 8 football fields of rainforest is destroyed in Indonesia? That's a lot of destroyed homes for orangutans!

    We need to conserve the rainforests of Indonesia!

    The project’s intent is to provide a multipurpose, reliable vehicle for educators and conservation specialists to access in locations near orangutan habitats.

    This is so we can:

    • Deliver education programs regarding orangutan, wildlife, environment, and conservation topics to local villagers.
    • Transport young trees and support materials to areas adjacent to orangutan habitat needing reforestation.

    The first year of the MECU helped establish the scope of the problem as well as assessing the level of conflict between villagers and wildlife.

    During the second and third year, resources were focused on four to five villages where wildlife conflict appeared to be highest.  

    In the fourth year of the MECU, education programs continued to focus on both human-wildlife conflict reduction methods as well as village enhancements and sustainable farming techniques.

    In year five, trainers continued the human-wildlife conflict reduction methods and established two demonstration plots to showcase techniques to improve crop yields organically.

    This will be the sixth year of the MECU!

    The demonstration plots will continue and the education programs will be improved further, but we need help from our wonderful supporters to keep the unit sustainable and strong!

    Please help us raise $25,000 to keep the MECU functioning in its sixth year!

    You can:

    1. Start an online Individual Fundraising Page or create a Team Fundraising Page and share with your friends, family and colleagues on social media!

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    2. Donate NOW and make a straight tax-deductible donation to the Mobile Education and Conservation Unit Sumatra campaign!


    Your help is invaluable to the orangutans!

    Thank you!

    The Orangutan Project Team

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    $20.00 AUD
    Donate $20 and provide 100 education brochures!

    $50.00 AUD
    Donate $50 and provide one week salary for one MECU Educator!

    $100.00 AUD
    Donate $100 and provide fuel to cover one month of Education Road Show travel!

    $500.00 AUD
    Donate $500 and provide a preliminary survey for the forest restoration program!

    $1,000.00 AUD
    Donate $1,000 and provide production of 10,000 seedlings for reforestation!


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